CenturyLink Tentative Agreement Update 5-22-17

CWA/Centurylink contract ballots to be mailed to members with description of changes to the contract.

June 12th- Ballots need to be in the Local by end of day.

June 16th- Ballots will be counted and results will be announced by Noon.



Contract Explanation Meeting Minutes from May 22, 2017 at 5pm

Brenda Roberts District 7 VP and Susie McAllister & Jay Boyle assistants to the VP CWA bargaining team

Jay reviewed highlights of the tentative agreement

The contract is from June 18, 2017 – March 28th, 2020

Increases to healthcare 1.8% 2% and 2% over the 33 months.

The actual national medical inflation rate is 10.8% and our contract is 9%

Currently the employee pays 20% and the company pays 80% of the healthcare coverage costs that will increase to: 2018 21.5% 2019 23% 2020 25.5%. The company originally proposed that we pay: 2018 27% 2019 29% 2020 29%

The company wanted CWA to give up the PPO as an option with changes to the CDHP and HDHP and that did not happen. The company also wanted CWA to give up our right to bargain healthcare but the bargaining team stood their ground and said no so we kept our right to bargain healthcare in 2020. People will get to an opportunity to change during open enrollment in November.

There are no changes to retiree healthcare.

We will be receiving a 3% raise in 2017 with ratification of our contract and on top of the 1% originally bargained for in October then the healthcare increases will kick in January 2018. Another 2.5% June 2018 and 2.6% June 2019. A total of 8.22% for the life of the contract which surpasses Verizon when they went out on strike for six weeks. This is better than a bonus because it is in our base wage which counts towards pension, 401k etc.

Short term disability changes.

Once employee is on STD for 26 weeks then will have to go on LTD. In 2017- June 2019 52 weeks will be paid at 100% then will go down to 39 weeks in 2019 and 2020. CSSC title will be eligible for STD after 12 months of employment instead of 24 months.

Long term disability goes down from 60% to 50% effective 1-1-18 with an option for the employee to buy up during open enrollment for $25 per month.

Right to sign members at Level 3 communications upon ratification.

Upgrades for the new Minnesota center.

There will not be a new contract printed but a small booklet sent to everyone with the changes made to the current bargaining agreement.

The company came close to walking out of the meeting and threatened to let the negotiations go on past the October 7, 2017 deadline, but the CWA bargaining team was able to sway the company.