Presidents report September 2019

There is still a lot going on here in Local 7800. We are in the middle of a ratification vote at CenturyLink. We are in the middle of an organizing campaign at MV, and we are in the middle of contract negotiations at IATSE. There are openings on most of the committees and its starting to get cold again. Please donate clothes to the community services committee so they can get to Mary’s place. We need more stewards, especially at CenturyLink, IATSE, and AT&T. I want to thank Tanya Hillis for her many years of dedication and service to CWA. We will miss all of her hard work.

AT&T> The contract ratified, and things are moving along.

Avaya> nothing to report at this time.

CenturyLink> There is a tentative agreement and the ballots have gone out. If you haven’t received one, please call the local to find out why. The ballots have to be received by the local no later than 5pm on Tuesday September 17th, 2019. The outcome of the vote will be announced on September 18th. Please get your vote in.

DGM> nothing to report at this time.

IATSE> we are still in bargaining. We hope to have a bargaining report out soon.

MV> the new route has been implemented and the bugs are being worked out. We hope to have the break room open on the connector side next week.


In solidarity,

Art Clemens