Presidents Report February 2020

We have had a very busy month. I attended the T&T conference in Orlando Florida and picked up some great information about all of our bargaining units and got some different perspectives from other parts of the country.  There are sixteen (16) Joe Beirne College Scholarships available to CWA members, their spouses, children and grandchildren (including those of laid-off, retired or deceased members) planning for college studies.  We have lots of bargaining and some organizing going on. Remember to be safe out there.


AT&T> We have heard the new contracts have been printed and are hoping to get some here for distribution soon. We may have a steward within our local for AT&T soon.


AVAYA> I was finally able to reach our member at Avaya and have a good talk with one. Everything is good with them.


CenturyLink> We are done with our local agreements for all units. Due to the weather there is plenty of overtime out there. Please make sure to code your time as mandatory if it was mandatory.


DGM>Nothing to report at this time.


EVOQUE> We received contracts and have distributed them to our members.


IATSE> We are in the middle of contract negotiations and hope to have most of our proposals on the table soon. We allowed the company to implement a 2.5% raise as of January 1st, 2020.


MV> We have been having some issues with MV not following the contract and we are involving the powers that we need to in order to get this resolved. Contract negotiations are coming soon.


In Solidarity,

Art Clemens