Presidents Report February 2021

It is amazing that it is already February of 2021. We have had some good news over this past month. The covid-19 vaccine is being distributed and some of our members have already received it. I want to thank everyone that came out to support our CWA-IUE brothers and sisters by showing up and passing out flyers at Walmart on Saturday, February 6th. It was cold but fun and quick. We have two stewards classes scheduled for February 26th and March 5th. We have 7 members signed up for the class and at least 9 more ready for the next class. I am hopeful there will be another set of classes in May or June. If you didn’t make this set of classes then we will get you into the next one. There hasn’t really been much going on with most of the bargaining units. We are approaching the time of the year that we normally do our member appreciation and political action fund drives. Although we cannot do any type of BBQs and it is almost impossible to visit everyone during the pandemic we will still be holding our political action fund drive over emails and Zoom. Please consider donating to our Political Action Fund, you can do as little a $2 per paycheck and it comes directly out as a payroll deduction. The funds will go to good causes and support those that support labor issues.

MV> We finally got the agreement on the Covid-19/backpay signed and the money has been distributed.  If you feel like the money you received wasn’t correct please contact Diane Tarantino, Wendy Rendelman, or myself by February 11th. We only have until the 12th to bring up any changes. MV is asking for volunteers to drive people around campus and for people to be Ambassadors (give directions). If you volunteer you will be one of the first people to get the vaccine so that is something to keep in mind. Please, if you are high risk, just stay at home until we all go back to work. If you volunteer and find that it is not for you, then you are free to let them know, and they will not hold that against you. If you are sitting at home bored and not high risk, then feel free to volunteer and get vaccinated and get some excitement in your life. Microsoft has been very generous with making sure everyone keeps getting paid so let’s show them we appreciate it. To answer a question that I have heard a few times, No, you will never be forced to get the vaccine. The latest estimate or the start date to return to work is July 2021. I give you my word to let everyone know the information as soon as I do.

CenturyLink> We are fighting the link2success discipline that the company has been implementing. Please no matter what step you are at, if you manager says they want to talk to you about your numbers, tell them that you want a steward. If your manager starts with talking to you about something else and then starts to talk to you about your numbers, ask for a steward when they switch to your numbers. Please help us help you. The company safety policy is to wear a mask when on company property and when at a customers home or place of business. Please follow the safety policy, they are disciplining people for this violation. Yes, it can lead to dismissal. Wear your mask.

Remember to be safe out there, we are still in the middle of a pandemic. Practice social distancing, drive carefully, wear your mask, and just stay home when you can.

In Solidarity, Art Clemens