Presidents Report November 2020

 I want to start by thanking Wendy and Karen for all of their hard work over the past three years. I want to congratulate Karen on being the Chair of the Seattle CWA retiree’s chapter and wish her a happy retirement. I hope Wendy will share her vast knowledge with Diane who will be taking over as Area Vice President at the beginning of the year.

Can you believe the presidential election is finally over? I am thankful that Joe Biden won and I hope we can now have the appearance of integrity in this country’s top elected office. I know that Biden will be way more friendly to labor than Trump was and hopefully we can get some better worker protection laws on the books.

The Joe Beirne scholarship is available and a link can be found on our website. The scholarships are $4,000 each for 2 years. Please see the website for the qualifications and requirements.

Thanks again to the CWA 7800 Election Committee for all of your hard work in being prepared for the Election. We only had one person run for each position so everyone was confirmed by acclimation during the meeting. Your officers for the next three years will be:

President:                                  Arthur Clemens

Vice President:                        Chris Walker

Secretary Treasurer:               Arturo Garcia-Cuellar

Area Vice Presidents:              Ryan Paulson

                                                Diane Tarantino

There hasn’t been a lot going on in the bargaining units over the last month but I do want to share a few things.

In CenturyLink, at least five managers were shown the door for doing things to help people make their numbers with link2success. Remember if your manager wants to talk to you about you not making your numbers then you are entitled to a steward and need to ask for one.

In MV Transportation, the bargaining team has been going through the contract to get all of our proposals ready. We have met with the company for 2 days and passed a few proposals back and forth.

Remember it is open enrollment so be sure to do your healthcare selections.

In Solidarity,

Art Clemens