Presidents Report June 2021

Its already June and this year is flying by. We are starting to see more and more progress toward society returning to normal. Masks are no longer required for vaccinated people and over 2/3rds of the population in King County is vaccinated.

AT&T> The extended flexible workplace program has been signed and this means many people will be able to work from home.

Avaya> We are still looking for someone to get on the monthly calls.

CenturyLink/Lumen> Lumen continues to push forward with the enhanced premise technician. They seem to think they can bring in new techs and pay them $10 less per hour and this will be ok. It is not ok and hopefully everyone refuses to train these guys so they know how we feel.

DGM> I am trying to schedule another date for Bargaining.

Evoque> nothing going on right now.

IATSE> The lead is scheduled to start working 12 hours per week and hoping to have the fulltime  people back to fulltime at the end of August.

MV> The rest of this week are dry runs/trial runs on campus. Then it is back to patiently waiting for people to return to work full time.

I am proud to say that the E-Board has endorsed Bruce Harrell for Mayor and we plan on bringing a vote before the membership on 6-8-2021 to have the local endorse him. Please be safe and make good decisions.

In Solidarity,

Art Clemens