Presidents Report September 2021

I want to thank everyone that has been wearing their masks properly all of the time. I know it is hard to do. Hopefully some time soon we will be able to walk around without a mask but until then let us continue to do our part. I want to say congratulations to the employees at WEC/WCV for joining CWA and for fighting to get Voluntary recognition. Hopefully we will know soon and then we can start bargaining you a good first contract.

AT&T: Congratulations to all of the employees at AT&T. The latest round of bargaining was amazing and should be the standard.

Avaya: The company is doing another round of layoffs across the United States. Although it doesn’t affect anyone in our local, I still hate to see anyone in a surplus.

CenturyLink/Lumen: The company continues to discipline people for a broken Link to Success system. If you have not uploaded your vaccination status you have until September 15th to do so. After that date the company will consider you unvaccinated. The company is offering an additional 40 hours of EPTO for VACCINATED employees only to be used between now and the end of the year. For all of the outside technicians please make sure you are doing all of the safety precautions that you are supposed to. With all of the wire and grounding wire thefts there is bound to be some energized strands.

DGM: The new contract has been ratified, signed, printed and distributed.

Evoque: Michael Van Cyoc met with the organizing/mobilizing committee and learned lots.

IATSE: Chris Walker and I met with the new Hiring Hall Manager, Mari Cannon. Things went well we look forward to working with her. I am hopeful more intermittent dispatchers will be hired soon.

MV: At this point all connector drivers have been told to stay at home paid until further notice. Shuttle drivers will work one week and then have three weeks at home paid. Please if you are going to resign give two week notice so that you can be paid out up to 80 hours of PTO if you still have it.  Weare still waiting to hear back from the NRLB before we can proceed with bargaining. Two grievances that were not settled from a while back are scheduled for me to present at the CWA national convention in October.


Chris Walker and I went to a rally in support of SEIU’s workers at Cascade Mental Health and found out about all of the injustices and safety violations taking place at their work. Please be careful driving around now, school zones are back in operation and those tickets are expensive. I am still actively working on the Workers United Against Racism Committee and doing all that I can to help fight racism. We are coming up on open enrollment and we should start to think about how to handle the Washington State Long Term care tax. If you work for a bargaining unit that has access to long term care you may want to look into it as it may be cheaper in the long run and with a greater benefit.

In Solidarity,

Art Clemens