Presidents Report May 2020

What a crazy past couple of months? We are still dealing with this corona virus and everything that comes with it. We made sure that all of the Technicians that face customers in the CWA 7800 areas had masks if they wanted them.

AT&T> No layoffs and nothing to report at this time

Avaya> No layoffs that I am aware of and nothing to report at this time.

CenturyLink> The ISPP is still in effect as of today. The numbers are still 12 in Seattle and 1 in Bellingham. There are contractors in the load still and an email I got from the District on 5-4-20 said the company is evaluating the contractors. I will let everyone know more as soon as I do. The company’s first attempt as masks was a real joke and have since provided one good mask. I am glad we provided the technicians with CWA masks.

DGM> Everyone is still working and practicing social distancing. CWA masks were provided to all that wanted them.

Evoque> All are still working and nothing to report at this time.

IATSE> All the full time employees have been laid off but IATSE is still providing medical benefits for them. There is still one 4 hour shift every week and that is going to the senior dispatcher.

MV> The drivers for Microsoft are all still home getting paid. The Blue Origin drivers have been laid off and we are waiting for them to get called back to work.

Please remember to stay safe, practice social distancing , and wear masks when appropriate.

In Solidarity,

   Art Clemens