Presidents Report November 2021

In case any of you haven’t heard Chris Walker has decided to leave Lumen and CWA for a job that actually cares about safety and pays even better. Although I will miss Chris and all of the work he was doing on L2S, I wish him the best. We have two new bargaining units and I would like everyone to welcome our members from EWU as well as Paizo to CWA 7800. I look forward to bargaining you both good first contracts. The CWA Convention went well. We had two grievances get overturned by the group of delegates at the meeting and they will now be going to arbitration.


AT&T> Bargaining is starting to ramp up for the next contract. If anyone is interested in being involved, please let me know.

Avaya> Nothing since the announcement of VTP back in September.

CTL/Lumen> Lot of things are going on with Lumen. We are fighting hard to get L2S pushed back and trying to fight outside the box.

DGM> Nothing at this time.

EWU> We have another bargaining team meeting set up soon.

Evoque> Organizing and bargaining meetings continue.

IATSE> We will be returning to the bargaining table soon. Xandre will be taking over on the bargaining team for the full time representative.

MV> Drivers are gradually returning to work. Microsoft Has asked MV to provide drivers for a boys and girls club project. MV will be using Connector drivers that are vaccinated and picking them in reverse seniority.

Paizo> Nothing to report yet.

I want everyone to remain safe and be mindful of the strong winds and rain.


In Solidarity, Art Clemens