Presidents report October 2019

We spent a lot of last month on an organizing project. Unfortunately, we didn’t win. Thank you for everyone that worked hard on the campaign and special thanks for all the hours people volunteered.


AT&T> We had 4 new hires last month and they are still hiring more.


Avaya> Nothing to report at this time.


CenturyLink> The contract has been ratified and we are now under contract through June of 2023. We have three people unexpectedly pass away from heart attacks and cancer. Our condolences to their families. There have been a few motor vehicle accidents recently so please be careful out there.


DGM> Nothing to report at this time.


IATSE> We are currently in the middle of bargaining a new contract.


MV> The new bid is under way and most of the kinks have been worked out of the routes. There will be a new building to pass out the keys next week on the shuttle side. The break room is open on the Connector side and so far, there have been no issues. Wendy and Diane just got back from leadership school and from what I hear they have learned a lot.


Remember to be safe out there and to go to the doctor and get a checkup regularly.


In Solidarity,

Art Clemens