Presidents Report October 2021

Hello all,

This year is really just flying by. Can you believe that it is already mid-October and the year is 3/4th over? We have started a new fiscal year and have a new budget for everyone to review and hopefully pass. We have successfully organized a new unit EWU (Environmental Workers Union), and we will start bargaining a first contract for them soon. Chris Walker, Art Garcia-Cuellar, and myself will be attending the CWA National Convention next week. The District 7 meeting will be Sunday and the National Minority Caucus meeting and the ADHOC meetings will be Saturday. The new long term care laws and deductions go into effect January 1st,2022. If you want to get coverage elsewhere, so that you can opt out and not let the tax come out of your check, you only have until November 1st 2021 to obtain coverage. As far as I know none of our employers offer this coverage in their benefits package.

AT&T> We currently have a couple of grievances in the works.

AVAYA> Avaya announced on September 15th that they will not be implementing any covid vaccine mandates until required by federal law.

CenturyLink/Lumen> We have had our first termination for Link2Success numbers only and we are in the process of fighting it and all of the L2S discipline. We are still waiting to hear back from an arbitrator about the enhanced premise technician grievance. We expect to hear back on this in November 2021.

DGM> Nothing to report at this time.

Evoque> Evoque bargaining will begin soon on the national level and everyone should have received a bargaining survey.

IATSE> Nothing going on with our dispatchers but IATSE itself is fighting hard for a new and better contract.

MV Tansportation> We have lots going on lately. We have finally come to the cutoff time for people to either get vaccinated or have an accommodation. If anyone has been trying to communicate with MV but has had issues, please let your Steward or Area Representative know. We heard back from the NLRB on our complaint against MV not providing the financials for bargaining and they found in our favor. We are now just waiting for the NLRB to move forward and fine them or do whatever they need to do in order to make them provide the information. There is a bid of open routes that the company resent out today so that everyone can see it and let their OPS supervisor know if they are interested.

Again, congratulations to EWU members.

If you stay in Burien and are interested in helping out the Jimmy Matta for mayor campaign with phone banking, please let me know.

In Solidarity,

Art Clemens