President's Reports

Karen, Gerri and I just got back from the CWA District 7 meeting and there was a lot of information that was shared there. I had the opportunity to meet Eneida who is the person we send SIF requests to while I was there. She was impressed by our previous COPE and membership drive. We have been approved for SIF funds again this year and we will begin our COPE and membership drive this year on June 1st.The district would like to have every local have 10 percent of the membership as stewards and 10% of each unit as mobilizers.

We made it through February and all of the snow. Because of all of the snow we had to reschedule our Executive Board meeting, membership meeting, and the stewards training. We have scheduled the stewards training for April 26th and 27th 2019. We recently had a budget meeting and we are slightly over budget but we are behind on receiving our dues from the National as well. We are trying to cut back some expenses and may have to rethink some of our trips this year. We did real good at getting funds back from the CWA National last year and we plan on trying again this year.