December 2017 Report


Submitted by Art Clemens, Local 7800 President


AT&T: We have no grievances to report at this time and we are still looking for Stewards. It would be great to get someone. I heard from one of the technicians that AT&T is hiring for U-verse technicians. I will clarify where and how to apply.

Avaya: There is nothing to report at this time.

DGM: DGM added a new employee last month. I spoke with management there and they are open to starting early bargaining in February 2018.

IATSE: Things are moving along smoothly at this time. We hope to get a management meeting set up soon.

MV Transportation: It appears that management is starting to terminate people without union representation. I am going to verify if it was requested and file a NLRB charge if a Steward was denied.

CenturyLink: The company is continuing to pull GPS records and phone records after accidents, tickets, and customer complaints. Please do what you are supposed to and be where you are supposed to be. The Central Office is not a place to hang out. Every time a technician’s GPS is close to a Central Office, a report is generated and sent to management. That may cause management to look at the Sat Tool/GPS for the day, week, or month. Please keep that in mind before going to the Central Office.

I want to congratulate all those that won their Officer elections. The swearing in will happen January 2nd 2018 and Officer training will be held in February 2018 in Vancouver, Washington. I had the opportunity to go to Bellingham and do some organizing for the T-Mobile campaign. It was cold and it is hard to get people’s attention while standing on the sidewalk outside of the property, but we still managed to get a few signatures. I met with Sue Anderson and since that meeting I have noticed that the Airport Way garage has been cleared of all the trash and people living around the building. The Seattle Safety Committee seemed to be moving forward but there is still some push back.

The clothing drive for the homeless has been going good. The first donation to Mary’s Place was 21 bags. Let’s keep bringing in stuff.