May 2017 President Report


Like I have been saying the time for bargaining is here. The company and the union have started in some early bargaining. This is a good sign, but I am still apprehensive about what the company will try to take away. Tonight, (May 9th, 2017), we will determine what proposals we send on to the District for bargaining. All of the locals have to have their top three proposals turned in by May 22nd, 2017. In the next few months, all of your Stewards and your bargaining team will be focusing on doing everything we can at the direction of the District. Please make sure that if you are a technician that you are in route and documenting the things we have talked about in the past. If your Stewards are busy doing grievances, then they cannot be doing bargaining stuff. I am still fighting the automatic written warnings for first red light and school zone tickets. We will see how that goes and I will keep everyone posted. I have also still been seeing management try to discipline people for things that are up to three months old. The union only has thirty days to file a grievance but there is no exact timeline for how long the company has to do discipline. This needs to change and hopefully this contract we can get it changed. Remember to wear red on Thursdays for Solidarity.


I recently received calls from some concerned members that the company was implementing a new background check process. After some checking and some advice from the District office it was determined that there is no change in the policy regarding background checks. Patrick from MV has assured us in writing that there will be no additional background checks for people already hired unless they resign and get rehired. There will still be driving abstracts pulled every month until the company figures out how much of an expense it will be.


On April 25th, 2017 we received notice that AVAYA would announce a Voluntary Termination Pay Offer. This included four members that are part of CWA 7800.


Earlier this week we received the final draft for the contract and I looked it over. We hope to have the bargaining team sign off on it by the end of the week and forward it to our District representative next week. As soon as he gives his approval, we will schedule a contract explanation meeting and then take a vote for ratification.


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