November 2017 Presidents Report

President’s report November 2017


AT&T> Nothing to report at this time.

Avaya> Avaya continues to do layoffs. I received another notice this week but none of the people affected were in our local.

DGM> There is a new hire and orientation will take place this week.

IATSE> We are still working on one grievance and trying to determine how to handle another problem that is not grievable.

MV Transportation> I met with Mike Haner and discussed a few things. We are working on how to handle the time off without pay situation. Until we have a solution, the company is not allowing time off without pay and the time off form has been changed to reflect that.

CenturyLink> We do not have many grievances ongoing and I am working on different angles to get some change in the development plans. I met with most of the 2nd lines to get the vacations agreed to and we are working on the priority day, overtime, and pager duty agreements.  

I had the opportunity to attend the second week of the MLI and learned even more than the first week. CWA will be doing an ongoing clothing drive for the homeless, so please continue to bring in items that may be needed. I will be reaching out to the managers and hope to have the Seattle Safety Committee functioning by the end of the year.

In Solidarity- Art Clemens