Presidents Report April 2019

Karen, Gerri and I just got back from the CWA District 7 meeting and there was a lot of information that was shared there. I had the opportunity to meet Eneida who is the person we send SIF requests to while I was there. She was impressed by our previous COPE and membership drive. We have been approved for SIF funds again this year and we will begin our COPE and membership drive this year on June 1st.The district would like to have every local have 10 percent of the membership as stewards and 10% of each unit as mobilizers. Steward training is scheduled for April 26th and 27th so if you are interested in becoming a steward please let someone know as soon as possible. We have installed the new computers and are working out the kinks so please be patient with us when asking for information or calling the hall. The 5G class through Ameriskills is set to begin April 24th. The class will be on Wednesdays and Thursdays for 5 weeks. We were also informed that there will be Leadership school this year and we are planning on sending at least 2 people.


AT&T> They have been meeting again and it sounds like there is some movement, but they are still a ways away from having an agreement.

Avaya> Nothing to report at this time.

CenturyLink> While at the district meeting, we selected the bargaining team for the upcoming contract that expires next March. The team will be Chaired by Susie McAllister and Co-chaired by Lisa Avila. We are less than one year from the end of the contract. Mobilization activities and a bargaining kickoff will happen soon. Please remember we are stronger together. Do not make any large purchases until the new contract has been signed and ratified. CenturyLink has not been reporting all of the contractors they are using in some areas. If you see contractors out working, try to find out who they are working for and the scope of the work they are doing and report it to me by calling the union hall and leaving me a message. Also, if your monthly safety meetings are sent to you online and you are told to do them on your own, please let me know as well.

DGM> Nothing to report at this time.

IATSE> The bargaining kickoff will happen later this month and we are in the process of having the unit select the bargaining team.

MV Transportation> I believe we finally have the bathroom issue under control. The company and the union are in agreement on the bathroom resolution and that resolution is being sent to L&I by MV. Wendy will be going through the PTO and providing the payroll department with the correct figures and hopefully they will use those.


In Solidarity,

Art Clemens