August 2018 President’s Report


Its official we are moving our union hall to Burien. The new address will be 132 sw 153rd street, suite 201. We are in the process of packing and preparing the space. I am happy to say we will be renting our space from another union which is the (SPWA) Seattle Postal Workers Association. The union meetings will continue to be in our current rooms at 6770 E Marginal Way S through the end of 2019. I want to thank DC5 for making our move as easy as it could be.  We ran into some problems with our By-law changes so none of the changes we have voted on will be made. Any person that is a member in good standing may run for office. If you have been elected into an office and lose your job you may remain in office until the end of your term as long as you are in good standing and pay your monthly dues and we cannot limit the number of hours an officer can work. All hours still have to be approved by the president or Executive board but we cannot limit someone just because they don’t work for one of our bargaining units. I will be attending the Quad state meeting in Sun River Oregon during the last week of the month so I will report back on that for September. Gerri and Tanya will be attending the Civil Rights and equity conference this month in New Orleans and I am looking forward to hearing all about it.

We completed our organizing campaign and as well as making people feel appreciated, we exceeded our expectations on member sign up and COPE/ Political Action Fund contributors.

AT&T>  Mobilization activities continue and although I am hopeful there will not be a strike I am also realistic to the fact that the union and the company are not even at the table right now. I am continuing to forward information I receive to the members that have signed up on the mailing list. There will be more to come soon.

Avaya> Nothing to report at this time.

CenturyLink> The current surplus has been resolved for all employees in the Seattle area and extended for those in Bellingham and on the Peninsula. If anyone is being placed on any corrective action plans or steps of discipline for performance please let myself or one of the stewards know. I still find it amazing that the company can have too many people and need to lay off people and have mandatory overtime at the same time.


DGM> Employees are working under the new contract and currently all is well.

IATSE> Heather has taken the temporary Lead Dispatcher position

MV Transportation> We are in the middle of bargaining and so far all is good.