Presidents Report March 2019

We made it through February and all of the snow. Because of all of the snow we had to reschedule our Executive Board meeting, membership meeting, and the stewards training. We have scheduled the stewards training for April 26th and 27th 2019. We recently had a budget meeting and we are slightly over budget but we are behind on receiving our dues from the National as well. We are trying to cut back some expenses and may have to rethink some of our trips this year. We did real good at getting funds back from the CWA National last year and we plan on trying again this year. We hope to have our COPE/ Membership drive June thru August, so if you are not giving please do so and if you can now afford more, please up your contribution by $2.00 or more a paycheck. Most of our Executive Board attended the Labor prom put on by the MLK Labor Council. AVP Wendy Rendelman had been nominated and even though she didn’t win, it was a great event.  We have had several complaints regarding American Income Life Insurance Company and their sales tactics. We will discuss this more under New Business. We had a budget meeting last week and we will be discussing that more under New Business as well.

AT&T> There are lots of mobilizing activities going on right now. Letters have been sent to congress and CWA is planning a St. Patrick’s Day mobilizing activity in the call centers. Although AT&T has finally agreed to come back to the table, we need to still keep the pressure on.

AVAYA> Nothing to report at this time.

CenturyLink> There are still lots of Link2Success meetings being held without a steward. Please start requesting a steward for these meetings if you are unsatisfactory and they are placing you on a corrective action plan. Please do not wait until it is a written warning to exercise your rights and request a steward. There is about 1 year, 53 weeks, and 26 paychecks until the end of the contract. Let’s start standing together on issues and preparing in case we go on strike. 

DGM> Nothing to report at this time.

IATSE> The IATSE contract with CWA will be up at the end of June. We are going to start electing a bargaining committee and plan on doing a bargaining kick off in April or May. I have reached out to the acting president Bess Sullivan and we may try to start bargaining early.

MV> We have been working through the bugs of our new contract but things are moving in the right direction. The contracts are back from the printer and Gerri and I will be putting them in mail boxes on Thursday March 14th, 2019. MV is continuing to hire new drivers and hopefully they will be able to retain more drivers now with the new policies and pay raises. We will have six or seven new stewards at MV soon.

In Solidarity,

Art Clemens