Presidents Report September 2018

September 2018 President’s Report


We are finally all moved in and almost completely unpacked. I want to thank everyone that helped in one way or another. It was unfortunate for the move that the Quad State Meeting was during the last week in August but the meeting was very valuable and informative. CWA 7800 shined brightly there and I will always remember this trip. At the Quad State Meeting we discussed many things and among them were CenturyLink bargaining and electing our representatives. There are only about 39 paychecks left until the end of the contract, start planning and saving now. 

AT&T> The company and the union have returned to the bargaining table. Mobilization activities are taking place across the nation. There are weekly bargaining reports and conference calls. If anyone is interested in joining please contact me.

CenturyLink> There is currently lots of work and the company is asking for volunteers for overtime or calling mandatory overtime. Make sure you are coding your time properly. Please make sure you are keeping your daily journals and are where you are supposed to be.

DGM>  Nothing to report at this time.

IATSE> The lead dispatcher position has not been filled permanently yet so if you know of anyone looking for a dispatching job let them know to apply.

MV Transportation> We are still in-between bargaining meetings. We are scheduled to meet with the company again on September 18th, 19th, and 20th. Tee shirts and buttons should be done soon.